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Social media advertising

Many people quit television and newspaper and turn to social media for information and entertaining. Those who hold social media will and already have a huge advantage.

Global success

Our team is shattered all over the globe, which gives us a huge advantage in reaching even distant areas with unknown trends and millions of possible buyers. All of our employees are determired and motivated to do what they do best, online advertising.

Our Team

The foundation of every major successful business is a highly skilled, motivated and determired marketing team. We know such teams the best. The teams we hire fullfill all the conditions and even some more, because of the vastly diffrent locations.

Explore the possibilities

As said, online advertising is a enourmous field and has infinite possibilities. The best thing is, that we can basically reach all people on earth.

Social Media

Everyone has a phone, a computer or another device with access to social media. This is the adventage of our doing. You reach millions of potential clients.

advertising per content

Of course social media not only includes ads and pop-ups, but also sponsorships and accounts to promote your product in funny and trendy ways.

Have Any Questions?

The most commonly asked questions are down below!

What is S+W Media doing?

Simply put, we help businesses of various sizes built a platform for themselfs in the fast changing enviroment of social media and the internet.

We formed in the fast changing industrial country of Switzerland and we saw many businesses give up because they either didn't have the knowledge or lacked the ressources to thrive in this new era. We exist to encounter that problem in particular.

Which apps are the best for advertising my business?

There really is just one answer, depends.

If you own a more traditional business you won't find big profit on newer apps like TikTok. Even though there CAN be some profit on such apps simply because of the sheer number of users.

What type of website are good for business purpose?

Websites which show that your business doesn't scare any effort to keep itself updated in trends and other upcoming new situations.

Such websites are often quite difficult to programm and to maintain. Plus, they need to be business friendly which means they need to be compact while also being build in a "funnel" shape to attract more buyers.

We are familiar with all those techniques.

Our Package

Customize your spendings.

Boost Version

$ 120 Monthly
  • Team of 3
  • Google ads
  • All social media apps
  • Reliable Service

Business Version

$ 1000 Monthly
  • Team of max. 6
  • Google ads
  • All social media apps wished
  • Reliable Service

Company Version

custom Monthly
  • Team unlimited
  • Google ads
  • multiple accounts on all social media
  • Reliable Service

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